The Open Tower Day celebrates its 10th edition with a special competition. Amsterdam has many different towers: from churches to hotels, some high, some not so high. We photographed a detail of some of the participating towers.

Do you recognize the tower by the detail?

Let us know! Mention of the name of the tower is necessary. You can win with just one good detail / answer.

The price

What is a competition without prizes. Correct answers are rewarded with 4 entrance tickets to a tower in the Netherlands. You can already visit the towers of Amsterdam on the Open Tower Day Amsterdam. That is why we have tickets for towers outside Amsterdam as a prize: spread throughout the Netherlands, from Groningen to Maastricht and from Middelburg to Arnhem.

There are a total of 30 tickets to be won.

The winners will be announced no later than April 30, 2022. The winners will be chosen at random based on the correct answer.

Correspondence is possible about the result of the competition. The organization reserves the right not to answer.


Sponsors edition 2022