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Terms and Conditions for Visitors Open Tower Day Amsterdam 21th of March 2020


1.1 Open Tower Day: public event  on the 21th of March, 2020 in Amsterdam, where historical and contemporary towers are open to the public on this day for a certain amount of time.

1.2 Organization: Foundation Open The Doors, Amsterdam.

1.3 Tower (s): for the public on the occasion of the Open Tower Day opened spaces

1.4 Visitor: any person who enters the Towers on the basis of a valid ticket. *

1.5 Ticket: a special entrance ticket that provides access to the Towers. *

1.6 Employees: individuals of the Organization or who act on behalf of the Organization and / or on behalf of the Towers who are before, during or after involved in the Open Tower Day.


2.1 These conditions apply to all visitors of the Towers.

2.2 Deviations from these conditions are only valid if agreed in writing and are announced on the website.


3.1 Visitor shall only enter  the Towers on presentation of a valid Admission Ticket. *

3.2 Visitor shall be denied (further) access to the Towers if it appears that the Admission Ticket is not provided by the organization of The Open Tower Day Amsterdam 2020 or by another organization authorized by The Open Tower Day Amsterdam 2020


3.3 Visitor shall show the Admission Ticket  to the staff at first request, failing to do so gives the staff the right to deny Visitor Access to the tower. 

3.4 Admission Ticket can not be exchanged.*

3.5 The Organization shall be entitled if deemed necessary to change the regular opening hours or in the event of an emergency, evacuate the whole or part of a tower.

3.6 Organized groups led by a guide, only have access to a tower, when there has been a written request sent to the Organisation Open Tower Day and this request had to be granted via: This written consent needs to be requested at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the Open Day Tower Amsterdam. This request can be denied  in writing or during the Open Day Tower on site without giving reasons why.


4.1 The Visitor's visit to the tower is for his/her own account and at his/her own risk.

4.2 Visitor shall behave in accordance with the safety, public order, and other applicable rules regarding the visit. During the stay in a Tower Visitor shall also be required to follow instructions given by, recognizable as such, Employees and to follow instructions immediately. If, in the opinion of this Employee a visitor acts in any way contrary to these regulations, standards, directions and instructions, he or she may be denied further access to the Tower without the Organization having to compensate for any damage. 

4.3  Bringing coats, (back) bags, umbrellas, baby carriers on the back, prams (except buggies) and wearing other large objects is not allowed. The organization accepts no responsibility for damage to or loss of goods that have been given custody by Visitor.

4.4 Visitor shall be liable for any damage that is caused by a (similar) object that he / she has taken in contravention of the provisions of 4.3 past the ticket check. ­­

4.5 The Organization shall be entitled Visitor who has damaged an object on purpose, and / or intent during a visit to a tower or when the fear of damage is legitimate to deny access to a tower by Visitor. The Organization is at least entitled  to check this visitor during all his visits with the measures listed. The decision to deny Visitor access shall be immediately be announced when possible in writing.

4.6 In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, the sudden disappearance of a work of art, an attack or violence of a different order, the Organization shall be entitled to close the doors and then one by one  lead Visitors present outside. Visitors

can then be requested to cooperate with the inspection by employees of bags and other items. Visitors may also be asked to cooperate with a body search. Visitor who refuses cooperation and /or such inspection will be asked to present  an identity card before leaving the Tower.

4.7 The Organization makes photo and film features in and around the Towers. This material may be used for publicity purposes on the website, flyers etc. With the purchase of an admission ticket the Visitor agrees to the publication of this material. If the Visitor has objections to disclosure of material with which he / she can be identified, it can be made known to the Organization. The Organization will then try to avoid publication of the material.*


5.1 Visitor shall in a Tower: 
a. not offer a property of any kind for sale to third parties, or free of charge;

b. not hinder other visitors, including, but not limited to, obstructing for a long period of time the view of exhibited objects or by causing noise (including, but not limited to, use of cell phones, walkmans, MP3 players, etc.);

c. not bring any (domestic) animals, except guide dogs;  d. not smoke;

e. not consume any food or drinks, food and bottled drinks may not be brought into a tower;

f. not use a mobile phone;

g. not touch exhibits, parents or teachers or supervisors should  ensure that  exhibits are not touched by the people brought with them or by them accompanied minor (s), individuals or groups;

5.2 Parents, teachers and other supervisors are always responsible and accountable for the conduct of the people brought with them or under their supervision minors, individuals or groups.

5.3 For schools applies that at least two supervisors should be present on each group of 15 students. For high schools applies that at least one supervisor should be present on each group of 15 students. The Organization reserves the right to refuse access to groups that do not meet these standards. 

5.4 Photos, video and / or video recordings taken/made in a tower can only be used for commercial purposes with the explicit  written consent of the Organization, in which case the applicable rates are applied. 


6.1 The following circumstances shall never create any obligation to refund any money paid or other compensation from the Organization to Visitors:

a. objects from the permanent collection of Towers which are not on display;

b. the partial closure of Towers, including but not limited to partial closure as a result of the construction or dismantling of exhibitions;

c. inconvenience or discomfort caused by other visitors, including, but not limited to, noise, inappropriate behavior (including molestation), theft;  d. damage caused by other visitors;

e. nuisance or inconvenience caused by maintenance, including but not limited to renovation or (re) organization of spaces; 

f. nuisance or inconvenience caused by the improper functioning of facilities within Towers.


7.1 The Organization shall be liable for damages to Visitor which is a direct result of gross negligence or intent of the organization. The claim is in any case limited to the lower of the following two amounts:

a. the amount paid by the insurer of the Organization to the Organization in respect of that individual claim amount; or

b. in respect of the damage caused by a third party to the Organization compensation paid in respect of that individual claim.

7.2 In the event of damage caused by death or bodily injury, the total liability of the Organization shall in no event exceed the  Compensation scheme described in 7.1.

7.3 Liability of the Organization for indirect damage, including consequential damage, loss of profits or wages, lost savings, etc., is excluded at all times.


8.1 Force majeure for the Organization, which means that any deficiency caused by the Organization  can not be attributed to the Organization, is every foreseeable or unforeseeable circumstance that complicates the execution of the agreement by the organization to such an extent, temporarily or permanently, that the performance of the contract is impossible or objectionable to uphold.

8.2 Such circumstances shall include circumstances in individuals and / or services and / or institutions which the Organization wishes to use when performing the visiting agreements, as well as all of the aforementioned force majeure or postponement or cancellation, as well as attributable shortcoming of the above.


9.1 Found objects by Visitor in a tower can be delivered to an Employee.

9.2 The Organization will take in custody found objects and, in the case of valuable items, hand them over to the police in Amsterdam.

9.3 In the event the alleged owner of the lost property reports, the owner should pick up the goods him/herself. A proof of identity may be asked for.

9.4 The Organization reserves the right to destroy found objects that are not claimed within three months.


10.1 The applicability of these General terms and conditions for Visitors shall not prejudice the applicability of other contractual conditions and / or regulations of a tower.

10.2 These Terms and Conditions for Visitors and the agreement between Visitor and the Organization is governed by Dutch law. 

* = if applicable

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