Old Church Tower

Fully booked
Oudekerksplein 17,
1012 GX Amsterdam

The  tower of the old church.

The old church (1306) is the oldest building in the city. As an icon of the Iconoclasm, which passed through here on 23 August 1566, it occupies a unique place in the Dutch and European heritage landscape. The Oude Kerk is open every day of the week as a museum in which architecture, old and new art come together. The tower of the old church is currently being restored.

During the Open Tower Day Amsterdam 2022, a total of 12 tours for a maximum of 9 people per tour will be held. Access to the old chuch tower is only possible with a guide. Children from 8 years old can participate accompanied by a parent/guardian. Bags and similar things are not allowed. The first tour starts at 10:00 and is repeated every half hour. The last tour starts at 15.30.


The tower is not accessible for the disabled. Climbing the tower is at your own risk.

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