Student Experience Amsterdam NDSM

Free Accessible
Moermanskkade 71a
1013 BC Amsterdam

Student Experience Amsterdam NDSM

At the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam North, you’ll find student residence Student Experience Amsterdam NDSM. In this building, 403 students live in an independent studio with their own kitchen and bathroom. From Central Station the ferry will take you to this hotspot in Amsterdam North in just a few minutes! Student Experience is a full-service concept that offers housing to students and creates an ideal and sustainable living environment. That means studying on a prime location in Amsterdam whilst enjoying a wide range of facilities, from a sports field and a courtyard to a game corner and e-bikes.

There are four Student Experience locations in Amsterdam. Each location has a sports field on the roof with its own signature colour. This makes it the perfect place for a basketball game, football, or yoga and the ideal background for the most beautiful Instagram photos. For the ultimate rooftop feeling, check out the roof of Student Experience Amsterdam NDSM. During the Open Tower Day, you can play a game of basketball on the sports field or look out over the IJ during the Silent Disco.


The roof of Student Experience Amsterdam NDSM can only be accessed by stairs from the 12th floor. So keep this in mind when you visit. Visiting is at your own risk.

Freely accessible

Student Experience Amsterdam NDSM is freely accessible between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. You may have to wait for some time when it is busy.

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