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Successful virtual, ninth
Open Tower Day Amsterdam

Ninth Open Tower Day online well visited

The ninth Open Tower Day Amsterdam, online edition, was a great success. Due to the crowds on the site, the 360-degree photos from the participating towers were not only on view at the Open Tower Day itself, but can be seen until March 27, 2021. More than 10,000 people visited the site and saw the photos taken by architectural photographer Hans van der Vliet.


10 years of Open Tower Day Amsterdam
This success gives us as an organization a lot of inspiration to start with the preparations for the tenth (!) Open Tower Day Amsterdam in March 2022. Due to the 10th anniversary next year, a unique range of programs will be put together. The exact date in March 2022 will be announced at the end of this year.

Participate or a nice idea for the anniversary in 2022
Would you like to participate with your tower, do you have a nice idea or want to sponsor us, please contact us via stating 10 JAAR OTD 2022. Suggestions to add extra luster to this anniversary are always welcome.

Open The Doors Foundation
Organization Open Tower Day Amsterdam


Reactions from visitors and sponsors and participants 2021

"Incredibly well organized, beautiful images of the different towers and the view! Nice to see places where you normally do not come quickly! The Lloyd Hotel has beautiful windows and what a view! "
- Hanneke Karsten, Den Bosch, visitor website.

"Wow! Very cool to be able to view Amsterdam online from Limburg from these new angles."
- Klaas Mennens, Sittard, website visitor.

"A wonderful way to see your city from a different perspective. It has now been possible for a week to "climb" the towers at an appropriate time and enjoy the view."
- Marten and Greet van der Krieke, Amsterdam, visitors website.

"My favorite is the eleventh floor of the Zilverentoren on the Stationsplein: stately church towers and elegant domes seem to transcend the urban landscape. A unique sight."
- Birgit Büchner, museum director Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder, visitor website.

"The Open Tower Day has once again succeeded in making the most spectacular views in Amsterdam accessible to a wide audience. The idea is simple 360 ​​degree photos from the Zuiderkerkstoren to the hotel room of Van der Valk - Zuidas. In this digital edition it is a bit of a peek at the neighbors."
- Olivier Otten, director of network organization Hello Zuidas, sponsor.

"The opening was fun. Short and sweet and with a nice showcase of enthusiastic participants from Blue Amsterdam. Nice that we as Loyens & Loeff from Hourglass can share our great view of Amsterdam with everyone. We look forward to the 10th edition next year!"
- Patrick van Oppen, Partner at Loyens & Loeff, participant and sponsor

"It remains breathtaking: the view of Amsterdam from a great height. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to experience this every day, but Open Tower Day makes it possible for everyone once a year. And this online version is also well worth a visit."
- Simone de Geus, Kroonenberg Groep B.V., sponsor.

“It's really nice to give loyal Open Toren visitors an online look at old and new towers. We are proud of Hans van der Vliet's photo. We could never have taken these beautiful photos ourselves!”
- Diederik Vermeulen, Van der Valk Amsterdam Zuidas, participant.

Ambassadors Open Tower Day Amsterdam
Lotte en Loes de Vos
Henk Pieterse
Pi de Bruin
Alexandra Hutter
Eline Hoogendijk
David van Traa
Emmy Schouten
Gabri van Tussen-
Emmy Schouten
Peter Elenbaas
Sander Groet
Sponsors edition 2021

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